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Year 4

A big welcome to Year 4 here at Fleetdown!

We would like to welcome parents, carers and pupils to the Year 4 page. We hope you find the information on this page useful and if you have any additional questions, please email your child’s class teacher.


Being in Year 4 means that we are working hard to build our independence and ability to learn in many different ways. We always demonstrate the three key values of Fleetdown Primary Academy: Respect, Responsibility, Equality.


Term 1 – 'Roaming Romans'

This term, our topic is ‘Roaming Romans’. We are going to learn everything about the successes of the famous Roman Empire, including the incredible efforts that have impacted on the world we live in today. In this topic we will be looking at as many things as we can from the 500-year span of the Roman Empire. This will include our own research into Roman life, including roads and settlements and other work around the other countries in the empire, as well as exploring the wonderful and inspiring Roman art. 


Fun Fact: The Romans invented a variety of things, including concrete, newspapers, books, calendars and central heating!


During English lessons, the children will be using and building upon the skills they learnt during Year 3. We are going to be writing reports, diary entries and job adverts!

This term, children are going to be reading the brilliant ‘The Thieves of Ostia’ by Caroline Lawrence. We will use our contextual knowledge of the Romans to solve the mystery of Ostia!


In Maths, our focus this term is place value, focusing on digit placement and manipulation of numbers, through rounding and partitioning. We then move onto revision of the column methods for addition and subtraction!


The Year 4 Team

Mr A Burnett - Year 4 Year Group Leader, Fleetdown and The Galaxy Trust Science Leader, Teacher of Sharks

Ms T Kassem - Teacher of Sea Otters

Mr H Garland - Teacher of Seals

Miss J Watts - Associate Teacher

Mrs R Clarkson - Associate Teacher

Mrs K Gaston - Associate Teacher


Together Everyone Achieves More