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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Principles 

At Fleetdown, our curriculum is designed to: 

  • Be inclusive and ambitious for all children 

  • Promote active, independent learning 

  • Encourage play and exploration 

  • Foster creativity and critical thinking 

  • Prepare children for life as active citizens in an ever-changing world 


Curriculum Purpose 

We believe that an inclusive, ambitious curriculum ensures every child has access to learning of an exceptional quality; allowing them to aim high and achieve beyond expectations. Through active learning, our children retain the knowledge and skills they have gained year-on-year, empowering them to become independent, resilient learners with strong foundations for their next stage of education. 


It is our belief that skills and knowledge are best developed through exploration and play – this allows children to relate their learning to their own experiences. Through this, and by fostering creativity and critical thinking, we aim to instil a love of learning and a strong level of resilience in our children; enabling them to become passionate lifelong learners who are equipped for the challenges of the 21st century.  


Curriculum Offer 

Each child at Fleetdown is entitled to the full breadth and depth of The National Curriculum (2014). At Fleetdown we ensure that our curriculum builds both knowledge and skills progressively from Reception to Year 6 using termly topics as a vehicle for this. Topics are designed to cover the curriculum in a way that appeals to the backgrounds, interests and experiences of children at Fleetdown. 


Our curriculum is enriched through termly memorable experiences. These range from trips out of school (to museums, parks and other places of interest) to visitors in school (speakers and in-school experiences) and are linked to the learning for each term.


These experiences allow our children to explore key concepts, create and take an active role in their learning: enabling knowledge to become ‘sticky’.  


An outline of our curriculum, and the enrichment experiences each term, can be found on our whole school curriculum outline below. 


To ensure that our children receive the highest quality experiences whilst at Fleetdown, we run a rich, diverse personal development programme which can be found here: Fleetdown Primary Academy Personal Development Brochure, alongside a broad range of extracurricular activities and clubs. These change termly and vary depending on the interests of staff and children, as well as the time of year. 


Should you wish to find out more about our curriculum, please have a look at our curriculum statements here: Fleetdown Curriculum Statements or contact the head of school:


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