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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

We would like to welcome you all to our Year 1 page! We hope that you find this information useful. If you have any additional questions, please speak to a member of the Year 1 team or email us.


The Year 1 Team

  • Mr Osborn - Year Group Leader & Teacher of Octopus
  • Mrs L Burge - Teacher of Penguins
  • Miss G Brett & Mrs R Hothi - Teachers of Dolphins
  • Mrs A Fowler - HLTA
  • Ms P Wilsher - Associate Teacher
  • Mrs K Porritt - SEN Associate Teacher
  • Mrs N Daniels - SEN Associate Teacher

Term 1 2022/23 - Me, Myself and I


Across this term, we shall be exploring and engaging with our topic of Me, Myself and I through a variety of mediums, accessing this in both our foundation subjects as well as using this as a stepping point for our delivery of English. We shall be delving into our ow family units and the key features that make us unique. We shall be engaging with our topic during a variety of subjects and approaching the topic from different angles and through differing skills in order to broaden and develop our understanding of this topic. By doing so, we hope to establish a love of learning within our pupils by accessing a topic that we know the pupils will all enjoy greatly. 

Term 2 2022/23 - Land Before Time

We are excited to begin our new topic of Land Before Time in term 2. We know that this is a topic that our pupils will enjoy thoroughly and we cannot wait to begin learning about dinosaurs. We shall be exploring this topic through our foundation subjects, as well as using this as the inspiration at the core of our delivery of writing and reading. In addition to this, we shall, where possible, link the pure skills we are learning in maths to our learning journey to create a holistic exploration of this amazing topic. Our memorable experience shall be an interactive workshop to show life long ago, which will include a fossil hunt and an interactive dinosaur visit.

Term 3 2022/23 - We Could Be Heroes!  


We have an amazing super hero themed term to look forward to in term 3! Through our topic of We Could be Heroes! we shall be creating a learning journey that encompasses all of our subjects. Our texts in literacy will have superheroes as the central theme and we shall be creating a range of writing that explores different concepts of superheroes. We shall also be theming our learning in maths with superheroes and, where possible, linking the pure skills with our learning journey theme. For our memorable experience, we will be taking part in a Superhero Day, during which we will be dressing as our favourite superhero, real life superhero or personal hero! We shall be engaging with superhero themed activities throughout the day.

Term 4 2022/23 – What a Wonderful World!

This term we will be diving into the amazing world around us through our topic What a Wonderful World! Our learning journey will link to each of our subjects with a particular focus on the texts we shall be exploring in writing and the skills and knowledge we will be acquiring in our foundation subjects. Where possible, the pure skills we are developing in maths will be themed and linked also to this topic. Our memorable experience this term will be a visit to Eagle Heights, which we will use to consolidate our skills in writing by writing a recount of what we did whilst there!

Year 1 Outdoor learning environment:

Here is our Year 1 outdoor area, which is accessible for all children. Our interactive and carefully planned learning stations afford concrete learning experiences in the natural environment to encourage independence and decision making.


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