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Year 3

We would like to welcome parents, carers and pupils to the Year 3 webpage. We hope you find the information on this page useful, and if you have any additional questions, please speak to your child's class teacher. 


Term 3 - 'Earthquakes and Volcanoes'

‘Volcanoes and Earthquakes’ is our new topic for term 3. This is a geography-based topic that teaches children about the features and characteristics of Earth's layers, including a detailed exploration of volcanic, tectonic and seismic activity.


Children learn about the three main types of rock; metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous. They will also look at how the appearance and properties of rocks affect how they are used. For example, Chalk, a sedimentary rock, is soft and can be easily eroded. This makes chalk suitable for writing and drawing on blackboards whereas granite, an igneous rock, is very hard and impermeable. Granite is used for making kitchen work surfaces.


We plan to have an expert on rocks visit Year 3 children so they can have a hands-on experience with rocks and find out lots of interesting facts.


We will look at how volcanoes and earthquakes are formed and the destruction that these can cause. The children will have the opportunity to look at what happened in the past when Mount Vesuvius erupted on August 24, 79 CE and covered Pompeii (Italy) with volcanic ash. The city was preserved and provided an opportunity for archaeologists to find out about the way people lived in the past.


Children will draw, paint and make their own volcanoes as part of the topic.

The children will learn that fossils are the remains, or traces, of once-living things preserved as rock. Fossils are only found in sedimentary rock and the conditions must be just right for them to develop.


The Year 3 Team


Mr G Wilson - Year Group Leader, Teacher of Seahorses

Miss J Jones - Teacher of Stingrays

Miss A Smith - Teacher of Jellyfish

Mrs T Pratt - HLTA


Mrs V Jennings - Associate Teacher

Mrs A Kempton - Associate Teacher


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