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Year 3

We would like to welcome parents, carers and pupils to the Year 3 webpage. We hope you find the information on this page useful, and if you have any additional questions, please speak to your child's class teacher. 

Term 5 - Robot Wars

You will become an engineer; a scientist and a maker of men (iron men…of course!). Explore the world of forces, materials and metals. Expand your mind as you build, test and trial your ideas. Can you design and make a windchime? Which materials will you used and why?

The topic provides an opportunity to develop knowledge of the names of different materials, where they come from, their main properties and how materials are used in everyday life to make a wide range of items.

Can you identify different forces and explain why magnets repel or attract each other?

Meet Hogarth, Iron Man’s companion from Ted Hughes’s book, ‘The iron Man.’ The Iron Man wants a new friend…can you build him one? You must make him strong, sturdy and ready to rumble!

If you were a metal, which metal would you like to be? Gold, a shimmering, precious and expensive metal? Perhaps, steel; a strong and useful alloy. Or maybe, iron; malleable and easy to shape but will eventually rust? You may not want to be a metal but rather a force to be reckoned with. The choice is yours!



In English we will be reading a range of texts with a specific focus on The Lost Thing by  Shaun Tan and The iron man by Ted Hughes. The children will be writing an advert to persuade and instructions to build a robot.



In Maths, we will be focussing on our knowledge and understanding of the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, measuring mass, using scales, measuring and comparing capacity and reading temperatures.

As part of our design technology work the children will be following the design process to design and make their own robots from junk/recycled materials.

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The Year 3 Team

Mr G Wilson - Year Group Leader, Geography Leader and Seahorses Class Teacher

Ms L Deverson–  Jellyfish Class Teacher

Mrs L Osborn – SEN (Wave 1) Leader and Stingrays Class Teacher

Miss A Jones – Forest School Leader ansd cover teacher - Seahorses

Mrs J Kingwell – Associate Teacher – Seahorses

Mrs A Kempton – Associate Teacher – Stingrays

Ms J Watts– HLTA Support teacher - Jellyfish



Together Everyone Achieves More