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Year 3

We would like to welcome parents, carers and pupils to the Year 3 webpage. We hope you find the information on this page useful, and if you have any additional questions, please speak to your child's class teacher. 


Term 1 - 'Beasts All Around Us'


This term in Year 3 we will go on an ‘animal adventure’ in class as part of our topic, 'Beats All Around Us’ and study some amazing animals in order to discover where they live, how they move and what they eat. As part of our computing we’ll also program a toy to move across a grid – will it be caught by a predator? We’ll learn about the different parts of a plant and how some plants are predators! From our investigations about the human skeleton, we’ll find out how muscles make our bones move. We’ll investigate food chains and learn about how animals find their food. Using the internet, we’ll research the majestic peregrine falcon and discover where crocodiles live. After our research, we’ll create an exciting aquatic animation. As we learn we’ll discover a range of animal facts, make animal collages and learn about the interesting (and maybe sometimes disgusting!) world of parasites!


The Year 3 Team


Mr G Wilson - Year Group Leader, Teacher of Seahorses

Miss J Jones - Teacher of Seahorses

Miss A Smith - Teacher of Jellyfish

Mrs T Pratt - HLTA


Mrs V Jennings - Associate Teacher

Mrs A Kempton - Associate Teacher


Together Everyone Achieves More