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Fleetdown Primary School is highly successful and is in the process of expanding to three-form entry. In September 2014, we were judged to be an outstanding school in every respect by Ofsted: 'All groups of pupils make outstanding progress, including disabled pupils and those with special educational needs, those in the Pirate Ship (Deaf pupils), disadvantaged pupils and the most-able.'
Our motto is 'Together Everyone Achieves More': TEAM.

Teamwork is extremely important and contributes significantly to our ethos of working together to ensure that our pupils receive the best possible education, maximising their potential and improving their life chances, in partnership with parents and others. In addition, we have a nautical theme because of our location at the mouth of the Thames. Dolphins are the children's chosen emblem because they care for other species, as well as their own, they are intelligent and they swim in schools!
Children enter our Reception class in September each year. Sometimes those born the previous summer are not ready for full-time schooling, and we reserve the right to delay entry if we find that this is the case. Across the three classes, there is outstanding teaching and so children make excellent progress, particularly in their literacy and numeracy skills. There is a well-organised outside play area where children can develop their skills in all areas of learning in the fresh air.
Across Years 1 and 2, known as Key Stage 1, pupils continue to make good and excellent progress because of the high quality of teaching they receive. Many attain above average levels by the time they reach the end of Key Stage 1. Similarly, in Years 3-6, known as Key Stage 2, progress accelerates. A significant proportion enter our grammar schools each year.
Behaviour across the school is excellent, and pupils say they feel very safe. The school site is very secure. Our Behaviour Code states clearly how everyone in the school community is expected to behave, based on treating each other with respect. Very occasionally, we have to discipline particular pupils, and on some rare occasions, we exercise our right to exclude pupils on a temporary or permanent basis.
I am also a lead inspector for Ofsted myself, and have the privilege of visiting other schools. On these occasions, I am absent from Fleetdown, but I always bring back lots of good ideas to improve our practice. I am also a National Leader of Education and Fleetdown is a National Support School. As a result of this designation, w
e welcome visitors from many other schools that come to observe our exemplary practice. Tours for prospective parents are also regularly arranged. Please do visit us: you will be made very welcome.

Angela Konarzewski