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Fleetdown has been awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark, meaning that we are recognised as a science accredited school!

Science is STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

Earth Day April 2022

Greater Depth Scientists Day with Andrew Smith (Top UK Scientist)

Science is a wonderful subject to develop the key skills of curiosity, perseverance, reflecting and thinking. The science curriculum at Fleetdown Primary Academy aims to develop the children’s understanding of the world around them. We encourage all children to develop their natural curiosity and become excited and inspired about the world and its scientific processes.   From an early age in EYFS, science is taught through seeing and experiencing the world around us. Children develop their exploratory and inquisitive minds to conduct experiments as they grow, seeking outcomes for scientific predictions and conclusions made by great minds in the subject. 

Children in Key Stage 1 and 2 will explore one scientific unit linked to the national curriculum incentives and outcomes. Each lesson will begin with a question being posed to the children; we believe this will encourage discussion and highlight children’s previous knowledge and misconceptions.  This will allow us to tailor the learning to suit the needs of the class and encourage progression in their learning. Within each unit, we encourage children to expand their scientific vocabulary and subject knowledge as well as ‘work scientifically’ by generating their own questions. We will teach the skills needed so that children can analyse their observations, test their predictions, gather and record data; and draw conclusions based on their evidence and first hand experiences. Through completing practical enquiries and exploring ideas children will be given the opportunity to develop a strong core skill set including: predicting, experimenting and evaluating. To gauge previous learning, monitor progress and identify any misconceptions, children will undertake a science assessment at the end of each unit, through our new assessment scheme: HeadStart Science.   

We are working closely with the other schools in The Galaxy Trust to boost the profile of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), so that as many children as possible are inspired, encouraged and motivated to pursue a career in our fascinating world. 

Fleetdown Science Policy 2021-2022

A clear vision for science, created by the children, shared by staff and students...


Keeping Parents/Guardians Informed

Experiments at Home - GET MESSY!

Here at Fleetdown, we use specially made documents that collect and display all of the content and outcomes that will be addressed in your child's science learning. These have been made by our Science Leader, Alex Burnett. He is also The Galaxy Trust Science Leader, so works across all four schools, striving to reach excellence in science!


On these 'Knowledge Organisers', you will find ideas for how your children can continue to learn in the world of science at home!

We now use Sticky Knowledge documents to record all of the learning that will take place in the science lessons that term, for every theme, within every year group. Have a look at them below for Term 1!

Please note: When a year group is studying the Working Scientifically Unit, they will not have a sticky knowledge document as this is a unit accumulating a series of skills that will be/have been taught over the year.

Working Scientifically Principles of Learning

Hooking the Children and Using the Language

We are passionate about linking science with other areas of student learning. One way in which we do this is to promote the use of graphs in lessons. We have created useful information sheets for teachers, students and parents/guardians to assist the children in this learning.

There is so much more to discover! Head on over to our brand new website for The Galaxy Trust, dedicated to all things in the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)! Click the link below!

If you have any further questions or indeed ideas for how we can further improve science at Fleetdown, please do get in touch with me:


Alex Burnett (

Year 4 Leader

Fleetdown Science Leader

The Galaxy Trust Science Leader




Together Everyone Achieves More