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Year 5

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Curriculum Map: Year 5



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Year 5 – History


British Empire

How did Britain gain an empire?  Trade and transport etc.

American Revolution – causes of the revolution, American independence.


French Revolution

How France began a republic, Napoleon etc.


Year 5 – Geography





Local Study – Fleet Estate, mapwork etc.

Dartford’s place within the UK etc.



Focus on French Alps, map skills – co-ordinates, scale etc.

Year 5 - Art

Aboriginal art – creating paintings of animals.

Recreate British Empire map (1886) using different media

Study of a famous artist:

John Trumbull

Photography of local area resulting in class artwork of a key image.

Study of a famous artist: Jean-Simeon Chardin or Jacques-Louis David


Year 5 – DT

Design, make and evaluate – didgeridoo 

Create a moving picture about ships going to discover new colonies (ensure that children understand and use mechanical systems in their products)

Design, make and evaluate a medal of honour for American Revolution

Design, make and evaluate a key landmark from study

Design an outfit that would be fit for a King/Queen.

Embroidery and Needlework: Design and make their own flag (to plant at the top of the mountain)



Properties of materials and change


Solar System

All living things

Animals including humans