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Sports Grant

Sports Grant Plan 2017-18

The following document indicates how the Sports Grant will be spent at Fleetdown Primary School

Total for the academic year 2017-18: £12,051.67 (7/12ths)


Amount allocated to the intervention/action

New or continued activity

Summary of actions to be taken

Intended outcomes

Monitoring and Evidence

To ensure that every pupil can swim at least 25m before the end of Year 6 and know how to stay safe in and around water by having free swimming lessons.

£3064.68 for the hire of Cascades Pool (April 2017-18)


£3000 for Brian Jones Coaches 30xweeks x £100 each week.


  • Each class in Year 4 receive 1x term of free swimming lessons during the academic year.
  • Swimming instructor will assess the distance that pupils can swim.

All pupils can swim 25m by the end of Year 6 and know how to stay and keep safe around water.

PE coordinator to record the number of pupils who receive swimming certificates and the distance achieved. To be awarded during Celebration Assembly.

Actual Impact




To ensure that competitive school sport is played at a high level.

£175.00 for netball posts.


£ 420.00 for correct markings to be on pitches.


£330.00 for 1.83mx1.22mx32mm gym mats.


£117.43 for 16x7 Match Goal spare parts, net clips, posts/tubes and connectors.


£1000 towards KS2 ball court perimeter fencing.


  • Purchase new KS2 netball posts for PE lessons and netball team to use during club training.
  • New KS2 netball posts ensure that Fleetdown Primary School can host inter school competitions.
  • Correct markings on the playground for sports such as netball and four square.
  • New gym mats purchased for H&S and used during class lessons and after school gymnastics club.
  • Spare parts purchased for current equipment.
  • New perimeter fencing in place for KS2 ball court to ensure the health and safety of pupils.

Fleetdown Primary School has excellent quality resources and hosts inter school competitions.

PE coordinator to ensure that Fleetdown Primary School takes part in inter school tournaments and hosts netball and other sports tournaments too.


  1. is celebrated through the weekly newsletter, new website and termly Celebration Newsletter.


PE display board celebrates the success of school teams and includes: Photos, certificates etc.

Actual Impact


To purchase Dartford District Primary School Sports Association membership for the academic year 2017-18.

£75.00 for membership to the DDPSSA.


  • DDPSSA provide training for subject leader and staff. Teachers to receive updated PE training regarding sports that they are less confident to teach.
  • Fleetdown Primary School continue to host District Sports (Annual athletics event).

To ensure that the subject leader has excellent PE subject knowledge.


  1. host an athletics event for sixteen+ local schools during Term 5.

PE coordinator to keep a log of training and disseminate any relevant training to staff/governors during staff meetings.


PE coordinator to gain feedback from local schools about District Sports that Fleetdown Primary School hosts on an annual basis.

Actual Impact


To provide pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 with a greater range of sporting activities at lunchtime to improve physical fitness.

£15 per hour over 30 weeks.


£1350 total for 30x weeks



  • All Star Sports coach employed for 3x lunchtimes a week to lead sporting activities for Year 5 and Year 6.
  • Free sports kit provided by All Star Sports.

To improve physical fitness of pupils in Year 5 and Year 6.


To introduce pupils to a range of sports at lunchtime.

PE coordinator to survey pupil views about sports facilities at lunchtime during Term 2 and Term 4. Report back to SLT.

Actual Impact


To have play leaders present on the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 playground at lunchtime.

£372.40 for pupils and lunchtime supervisors to be trained.


£147.00 for Play Leader high visibility jackets.


  • Pupils apply to become play leaders and receive training along with the lunchtime supervisors from Greenacre Academy.
  • PE Coordinator to buy new Sports Leaders lunchtime uniform, so that pupils can be easily identified on the playground.


To develop pupil independence.


To promote physical activities at lunchtime.

PE coordinator to meet with the Play Leaders and Learning Council to discuss the impact of their role (Term 2) and report back to SLT.

To ensure that the uptake of Pupil Premium pupils taking part in after school clubs increases to 15%-20% uptake.

£2000 allocated for Pupil Premium pupils to take part in after school sports clubs and take to sporting venues.


  • Pupil Premium Leader to contact parents/carers to inform them that they qualify for free after school sports clubs.
  • Pupil Premium Leader to note how many children take part in after school sports clubs and report back to SLT and governors.
  • Pupil Premium Leader to seek pupil views regarding sports clubs and liaise with the PE Leader to improve after school clubs.

To promote physical activity amongst Pupil Premium pupils.

15-20% uptake in after school and lunchtime sports clubs.


Total Spend: £12,051.67