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Sports Funding

Sports Pupil Premium Breakdown


The government provides funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding - provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – is allocated to all primary schools, providing a dedicated resource to increase PE and school sport provision. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on PE and sport in schools.

As a school we receive £8000 plus £5 per eligible pupil. This figure may increase in the future.


Academic Year

School lump sum

Per pupil allocation

Total Allocation

2013 – 2014




2014 -2015













We have set of principles that underpin the decisions we make regarding allocation of this funding:


Sports Premium Aims

  • Develop links with other schools, and a competitive spirit through participation in Dartford District School Sports events.
  • Professional development of teaching and support staff and senior pupils, to improve their ability to deliver high quality PE and school sports in lessons and at play times.
  • Ensure appropriate levels of challenge and support through clubs and high quality training.
  • Ensure resourcing facilitates high quality experiences e.g. enough equipment for active participation of all pupils throughout all aspects of a PE lesson. (This is topped-up through the Sainsbury’s vouchers.)
  • Encourage more children to take part in sports inside and outside of school. This is achieved through taster sessions, new after school clubs and specialist teachers promoting their sport within the school.
  • Development of the leadership of PE across our school to ensure it is strong enough to secure continued improvement beyond the years of funding. There is a continuous programme of CPD.
  • Encourage activity throughout the school day including PE lessons, lunchtime play activities and various clubs.





Rough percentage of funding.


Monitoring of provision and impact of it.

Fees to Dartford District School Sports Partnership events.


Access to training and competitions. We are now also able to access specialist teachers from other schools within this partnership.

Pupil involvement and participation in competitions.

All Star Coaches/Kick London


Provide high quality specialist PE sessions for pupils. They also give opportunities for staff to observe and take part in team teach sessions.

Pupil and staff surveys.


Leadership time for PE subject leader.


Quality time to plan and monitor developments in PE.

Time to develop high quality assessment resources.

Subject leader meetings with HT and external agencies including local authority advisers.

Staff professional development through team teaching opportunities with expert practitioners.

£100 + 5 days of TP cover costs

Improve the skills and confidence of school staff to deliver high quality PE and school sport sessions

Staff attend training sessions to further develop and improve skills in delivery of high quality sports

Observation of learning. Pupil discussion.

Governor visit to evaluate impact of the approach.

Staff feedback. Training evaluation forms. Governor visit to talk to staff.

Fund after school clubs for pupil premium children to ensure access for all.


High quality delivery in after school provision.

Feedback from pupils taking part. Feedback from coach re referrals to club sessions (e.g. children then continuing playing at a local club)

Release time to facilitate the development of playground leaders using pupils and mid-day supervisors – take them to training sessions and work with them developing their role.


Develop pupil involvement in leading developments in PE and school sports

PE week beginning 13th March 2017.

Meet with the school council.

Sporting experiences outside school including travel to venue


Wider opportunities to take part in sporting activities beyond school setting. Experience of sport as professional career in range of roles, playing, coaching, medical staff etc.

Pupil feedback.


The effect of the sports premium On Pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment:

This year we have seen an impact on children’s participation and attainment due to the pupils’ understanding of Physical Education not just being the sport they are learning that term. They are now developing their cognitive understanding of the skills they are learning and applying these to their activities. They are taking more ownership of their lessons and staff are expertly allowing them to problem solve and evaluate their learning. For example, if there is a defender in the way, how will you get the ball to your team mate? The children are also improving their social and emotional skills during their PE lessons. We are seeking to ensure that every pupil at Fleetdown is able to achieve and be confident in their own abilities. We are encouraging competition during our lessons which is boosting team work and also teaching our children how to treat each other respectfully.


This year we have increased the number of children that are getting the opportunity to represent the school in sporting events around the county. We are taking steps to encourage a variety of different activities including introducing Tri-Golf. Fleetdown has also ensured that it is taking part in a range of sporting events arranged by the DDPSSA including: cross-country; netball; cricket; rounders and athletics.


How will we make sure these improvements are sustainable?

Fleetdown Primary has invested in the PE scheme of work from the Greenacre Sports Partnership. This has allowed the staff to ensure that their PE lessons are in line with the new curriculum and increased their confidence to deliver outstanding lessons. The staff have also been made aware of the new social and emotional side to Physical Education and are applying this along with the physical and cognitive aspects. All children are assessed at the end of each P.E unit of work in order to maintain progress and to highlight any vulnerable children, who might need extra support with their learning or development.


At Fleetdown we are supporting the new PE curriculum’s aim to ensure that more children are active in their lives and offer a wide range of clubs from football to handball. We are seeking to ensure that every child can find a physical activity or sport that they are interested in and offering them opportunities to try new sports in the hope that this will encourage them to be active outside of school. This has been achieved through events in school, such as Sports for Schools, and during their P.E lessons with sports such as tri golf and tag rugby being offered.


We are also ensuring that our staff are benefiting by allowing them opportunities to work alongside outstanding PE practitioners within the children’s Physical Education lessons through staff CPD. Allstar coaching has helped Fleetdown to improve the skills and confidence of school staff to deliver high quality PE and sport sessions. We have recently employed Kick London coaches who bring with them a variety of PE skills. Kick London deliver both PE lessons and a selection of after school clubs.

School PE and sport strategy

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games gave us an opportunity to inspire the nation to enjoy sport. The government is determined to secure a significant and lasting legacy from the games, and to develop children's enjoyment of sport and physical activity from an early age. Sport should be an important part of any school. Great schools have long known that sporting excellence and participation, alongside strong cultural opportunities, go hand in hand with high academic standards. Schools, teachers and sporting bodies all agree that particular support is required for primary schools.