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Maths Week October 2016

This term all pupils took part in Maths week which coincided with World Maths Day on the 15th October. It began on Monday 10th October. As part of this week, children had cross curricular lessons that focused on ‘maths around the world’. Pupils were given opportunities to explore number, shape and measure from around the world and learnt how to play mathematical games from different cultures. For example, Mulinello Quadrupio from Italy and Mu Torere from New Zealand.


Throughout the week, children were given the opportunity to focus on problem solving, reasoning and logic, which allowed them to develop their use of mathematical skills in a range of contexts. To consolidate the problem solving and reasoning skills used during this week, the HSA funded a workshop from the Happy Puzzle Company for each class. This workshop was called, ‘Brain Blasters’ and lasted one hour. It included hands on activities where children had to work as a team in order to complete different puzzles, of increasing difficulties.


As well as the workshops in class, the Happy Puzzle Company held a puzzle shop in one of the classrooms after school on Thursday 13th October. There were a range of puzzles available to buy and all games had a maths theme. All of which were appropriate for all age ranges.