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Maths Week October 2015

On Monday 28th September, all children took part in maths week. During this week, each class explored a particular occupation during their maths lessons. They made cross-curricular links between the occupation and the appropriate mathematical skills they use. It was a lovely opportunity for children to see how a variety of mathematical skills can be transferred into different occupations. This inspired and engaged them to think about their future careers.
As well as themed maths lessons, the children were challenged to design their own maths mascot. The winning mascots for KS1 and KS2 are below. Well done Arya Menon (Neon Fish) and Georgia Hadijimina (Stingray) for your superb designs! Arya created a colourful and vibrant 'Partition Peacock' for KS1 and Georgia used her 2D shape knowledge to create a 'Master Maths' for KS2.
To give your child an extra opportunity to challenge themselves with tricky and complex maths activities - click on the KS1 or KS2 mascot. You will be redirected to the puzzles and your teacher's would love to know how you got on!
Puzzles will be updated on a fortnightly basis.