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Welcome to Reception!
We have 3 reception classes, Parrotfish with Mrs Beer and Mrs Johnson, Rainbow Fish with Mrs Underhay and Mrs Smith and Neon Fish with Mrs Hurrell. We have a fantastic team including a HLTA and TAs to support all children in their learning and development in their first year at school.


We always start with the child when planning, using the children’s previous knowledge, experiences and interests to motivate and engage them. We value both teacher directed learning (time when the children are engaged in activities and learning decided by the adult) and child initiated play (when the child decides how they will learn and develop through play).
“Children’s play reflects their wide ranging and varied interests and preoccupations. In their play children learn at their highest level. Play with peers is important for children’s development.”
(EYFS. 2009. Theme Learning and Development 4.1 Play and Exploration)


As a school we value the importance of free-flow, learning both inside the classroom and in the outside area. The children love investigating the different areas allowing us to explore our learning on a range of scales.