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Admission arrangements are made by Kent County Council by click herewhich apply to all community schools in Kent.  


Children are admitted to the school during the academic year in which they are five years old.  All children must start school, at the latest, in the term after they are five years old. 


At Fleetdown we admit all children of this age at the start of the Autumn Term, although a request from a parent to defer entry until the Spring Term will be given favourable consideration.


The Local Authority (LA) is responsible for the admission arrangements of all primary schools in the County, including consideration of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEN&D).  This means that instead of applying separately to different schools, you use a single application form: Reception Common Admissions Form (RCAF) to name up to three schools.  This form is completed online by parents/carers before the LA closing date. A place is offered direct from the LA. Click here to Apply online for a school place.



Number intended to admit in each academic year is 90.

Priority will be given to those living in the area served by the school. 

For those living outside the area, the order of priority will be:

a)    Those with a sibling currently at school

b)    Distance from school.


Medical considerations may override the above.


Our Prospectus can be found in the "About Us" section of this website under "Prospectus".